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About Me


My name is Sarah and I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and partner rape. I am doing my best to improve my life and find peace. I currently live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I am 37 years old.

I am the little one in the pic above. This was taken right around the time that my abuse started. I wanted to put this picture up instead of my current pic because it reminds me that I was just a child and not responsible for what happened to me. There is a lot of shame and guilt that goes along with being a survivor and I am on a personal quest to let go of that feeling.

My hope is that by sharing my experiences with you and my healing journey, there is a better understanding in the world about what happens to people like me and what I go through. Maybe there will be some eyes opened, some minds broadened, and some empathy/understanding for other survivors. I hope that the survivors that read my blog and watch my vlogs can feel a sense of them not being alone or the only one that feels the way they do, they are not crazy, and someone cares about them. I care.

Please know that I am not speaking for all survivors and can only answer questions based on my own feelings and experiences. Each survivor is unique as well as their experience and how they are doing. Everyone handles things in their own time and that’s ok. I welcome respectful questions and am happy to answer them.

Where else can you find me?

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  1. vinicios santos nascimento

    I in 2008 I saw a video I found you because your stunning by its beauty that fascinates, but I never thought I would become my friend on social networks because you are my sweet dear superstar, thanks to you I realized that you guys are not women beauty that enchants but your character and humble because you were created to be a person who reach their goals in all long walk on the road of life.
    But can you here with me always count on your Vinicios friend even if our distance is long am I most always with my thoughts on you dear! And I always remembered you until eternity because it was the first woman in whom I have always been passionate !
    Sarah blake I’m not so fa the sarah porn star but rather I am fa of beautiful and gorgeous woman you are! And you are a more important woman’s life! I love you my dear!

  2. Michael Bossio

    Sarah, we have connected on Twitter and through Facebook. I have seen your videos, bought you Christmas gifts, and spoken briefly to you through social media. I had seen some posts about the above info but like an ass, I never put two and two together. First please allow me to apologize for being so insensitive. Secondly, let me say that the more I get to know about you the more impressive you become. You’re an inspiration and I’m happy you blog and communicate about these things to others. People can learn a lot from you, myself included. I have told you on multiple occasions how much I’d love to meet you and buy you dinner etc. I meant that. Now however, I really wish I could even more. I truly believe we could be great friends. Anyway, I apologize for talking your ear off. You are quite the impressive lady (I mean Lady, too). Keep inspiring others.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Mike! I think we could be great friends too. No need to apologize to me. You haven’t hurt me or made me uncomfortable in any way. Your supportive comments mean a lot to me so keep it up 🙂

  3. Michael Bossio

    In the immortal words of Carey Elwes, “As you wish!” Since you have my email, if you would ever like to talk, chat etc please feel free to email me and I will send you my personal cell number. I think getting to know the real you would be awesome. Of course the downside being you’d have to get to know a short (5’10”), hairy, Italian guy, with a belly, big chin and man boobs. Lucky you.

  4. Charm Baker

    Hi Sarah, I’m a survivor myself and I recently a work of “fiction” as a way to share some of my own truth. I found your blog while looking for related links to post to my own blog (same title as the book). I was so inspired by your writing that it helped me make a decision about talking more candidly about my experiences and how they affected my growth and development. I would sincerely like to talk more with you about this and maybe even having you as a guest blogger. Please contact me if interested. Notice how sincere I am, I didn’t even plug the book title. ?

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