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Abuse Survivor Vlog Oct 10th 2018

I’ve been being more active on my Patreon account. I’ve been getting support there for a couple years now. Thank you to my supporters! I’m finally feeling up to being able to consistently update it. My blog here too. I’m trying not to overwhelm myself so I’ll be taking things slow. I did update the goals on Patreon and I’m thinking about adding a live stream goal. I have been working my bills around to lower than and in the process I was able to pay over $100 less per month and upgrade my internet! Streaming will be no problem now!

My latest 3 posts are my abuse survivor video diary. I had to split it into 3 pasts due to space limitations on Patreon but I was able to get it posted. Check it out there and support me sharing my Complex PTSD healing journey by becoming a patron. I’ll be posting a short teaser video soon. Can you also do me a favor and comment below with what you would enjoy as a patron? Educational vids like stress management courses? More vlogs? Audio versions of my blog posts? Art sent to you each month? Monthly live streams? What would help you to help me? For the price of a couple cups of coffee, what would you like to see in return? I would love to hear your ideas with a comment or use the contact page. Telling me an idea doesn’t lock you into making a pledge. It’s just helpful.

If you are already a Patron, thank you so much! You are helping to get me through a rough time in my life. I’d love to hear from you too. What would help you to stay my patron? Reaction videos, silly weekly selfies? A few of you mentioned you would like to have some of the art I’ve made. The artwork REALLY helps me too so I’m totally for it. I also have a kiln now so I can do ceramic pieces and glass art. Tell me your thoughts. Are there certain topics you would like me to cover? Please leave a comment below You can message me on the contact page if that’s more comfortable for you.

If you are against the whole Patreon, no hate, you can support my blog and videos directly here: paypal.me/2chicksLV

Thank You!

Again thank you for the support and for the ideas on how to improve my Patreon and blog. ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. E. / Pants

    Sometimes I can’t participate in watching or reading your stuff, because my own CPTSD is so bad, and either I don’t want to make it worse by taking in triggering content or I’m having cognitive issues and can’t concentrate or whatever. I just want to make sure you know that even when I can’t participate, I definitely still care!

    For myself, anything educational that I might be able to use to improve my life would be great. Any resources you can recommend are always welcome too. I’m also interested in seeing any of your art and the process of making them. Anything you feel like sharing really.

    Otherwise, I’m just happy for you to do whatever helps you best (including breaks when you need!) and I don’t need anything in return.

    Thanks for sharing yourself and just existing. The world is better for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mario

    Iโ€™m a Patreon, of course, from the very beginning. I do appreciate every post. I would love to have at least one of your art pieces, as I already told you.

    With true love for you, Mario

  3. Sam

    Hi Sarah, you need to do what makes you feel comfortable, donโ€™t push it. Some days will be better then others. Iโ€™m here if I can help you.

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