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Anxiety and Nausea Caused by PTSD

Well, I had a few good days and crammed in some work so hopefully I can keep paying my bills. The last 2 1/2 years have been a mostly sick me trying to keep up with work and stressing about it on top of dealing with the trauma that caused the PTSD. Yesterday, I experienced crushing sadness and I kept dissociating. Today, I’m experiencing nausea and a headache is threatening to appear. The sadness is still there…and I’m irritable. I am struggling again. I get a brief day or 2 of feeling well and productive before I’m knocked down again. I get a glimpse of who I could be before is all dashed away again. Healing is not linear and that pretty much pisses me off, DAMMIT! I’m grateful for those high functioning times. It also hurts so much that I don’t remain there. That is what I fight for, to get more time in that head space of living in the moment.

This is anxiety but without the super high heart rate, sweating although it could turn that way if I don’t take care of myself. My body is in a flight response. The human body will sometimes drop everything and run that means making yourself lighter so we can run. That’s where the nausea comes from…the damn monkey brain is freaking the fuck out! Ok, what do I do now? Cool water to drink, petting my dogs, remove all input such as social media, the news, and enjoy some quiet. Find that little healed part of myself. Center myself there. Listen to my body and my mind for clues. There is more trauma processing coming. Anxiety, depression, and the resulting nausea are a big sign that I’ve just recently been able to see.

I’ve decided to just tell my brain to bring it on. I have lived through worse. I can live through processing more trauma. I have gotten this far and have proof that I will get through this too. I’m human. I struggle but I won’t give up. I’m going to love myself through this even if it’s like this for the rest of my life.







  1. Daniel

    Hey Sarah, glad to hear you had a few good days, but sorry to hear that you’re struggling again.
    I remember when I was in the depths of that black abyss, I too would get a good day or two, but it was like I was always waiting to fall back into that black hole again, it was almost like I felt guilty for being happy! I don’t know if that’s how it makes you feel, but know that you deserve to be happy!

    I think you’re doing the right thing by telling your brain to bring it on, you’ve been through worse, and I’m certain you’re stronger now then you ever have been. Just remember that you are in charge of your brain, and although it does hold those horrible past memories which surface and manifest themselves into a whole range of illnesses and emotions it also holds good memories and the strength to smash those bad memories.

    Keep telling yourself you’re going to beat this, because the truth is that you are going to beat it! So brain can try its worst! It’s tried it for a long time now, but you’re still here! You’re still fighting and you’re getting better everyday (even though some days it doesn’t seem like it) plus brain is part of you, brain is really on your side, it’s just healing and to do that it needs to get rid of all those buried emotions in there!

    Really wish you good health and happiness, I know you’re going to keep on fighting and I know you’re going to be better one day
    Best wishes

    1. Kristin watts

      Stumbling on this blog, and now this response has been the biggest reminder that there is still goodness in this world💜💜

      I have severe C-PTSD and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that kept me from fully enjoying the good/up times.
      I began to accept life as 80% struggle & 20% decent. I let go of the sense of happy/peace etc. I even began to claim this is just the best it’s going to get when you have PTSD.
      But in my heart I longed for more, which makes the symptoms even worse of course!

      You BOTH clearly answeres what I could not even formulate the question to ask!

      Its GUILT!! I feel guilty when I feel good and guilty for even wanting to feel better. Sorry if this was weird but you two are awesome!!!

      Ps. I have had C-PTSD for about 4 years now from a very traumatic relationship and a semi abusive up bringing. I have done extensive treatment and even run a nonprofit for domestic violence victims.
      I am at a place again where I am searching for “there’s gotta be more to life than this” What an amazing blessing to run across this!!

      Thank you so much, God Bless you both on your paths, you both are shining lights!

      1. Daniel Gledhill

        Hey Kristin, sorry to hear about your CPTSD and thank you for your kind words.
        Remember, YOU have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, when those ok/good days or moments do come embrace them, you deserve them, tell yourself you deserve them.
        I too often get those ‘there’s gotta be more to life than this’ days, and you know what, there is more to life than this, and there will be for you too, it just sometimes takes a while to arrive, but arrive it will.
        You sound like a very generous and caring person, running a nonprofit is an extremely hard thing to do, but you are helping others by doing that 😊.
        Keep fighting, it’s hard I know, but you will beat the cptsd.
        All the best

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