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Broken No More

Sometimes, I feel broken. I have used that description before to describe a feeling but that does not describe me as a person. I am not broken. Today, I can see myself clearly. I can see that I was always whole. Parts may have been hidden but I am a whole person. I am not broken but strong. I survived. I lived. I’m still here. I am a whole person that is fighting to accept myself. I fought for change but I’m ok just like I am. I like myself. Sure, there are improvements to my life that I want to make but as I sit, in this moment, I am enough.


  1. Mario

    You are a wonderful whole person.

    No doubt. Be proud of your struggle. You’ll win.

    And I applaude to your victory.

    Always at your side, with love. Mario

  2. Matt

    Indeed, you are whole and you are enough. Most of us have fractures and scars of various kinds, but we still live, as you do. Good for you. I admire your strength, and also your art where you show your spirit.

  3. Gerry

    Excellent post. My mom was a victim of sexual abuse. I wish she would have had an outlet like this to express herself. She was a wonderful person who did not deserve to have those horrible things happen to her hope you continue to recover and make a positive impact on others.

  4. Albert Sherbo

    As much as we want to be better than we are, even when we feel our brokenness, we are someone to be loved and we already are. Even in that feeling of our brokenness, we are still a gift to others and to our world. And as you say, all the parts are there: they wait the moment when they come out and see the light.

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