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New Vlog Post October 15, 2018

Click here or on the pic above to go to my Patreon account and check out the new video! It’s about 10 minutes. More to come as I get more videos edited. I posted a new vlog this week. I’ve been filming nearly every day to track my progress through my healing journey. Becoming a Patron starts at just $3. I’m still working out how I’m going to be expanding my Patreon. I would love the feedback if you would like to share. Thank you!

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  1. Matt Seccombe

    I can’t say I always “enjoy” your posts, given the subject, but they are always interesting and impressive, as you make your journey, with good days and bad days. You are helping other people, both by your example and by what you say. I do always enjoy seeing your art, which is really good.

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