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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement from you awesome folks out there that led me to start this abuse survivor blog. It is helping me greatly and from the comments, emails, and messages, its making a positive impact on others. Many adult survivors of child abuse have contacted me as well as war veterans who also suffer from PTSD and told me that my videos and blog give them hope for a better life. This warms my heart so much and I want to continue to post and hopefully inspire others.

If you would like to further support this blog please go here and pledge your support: https://www.patreon.com/sarahblake

Pledges start at $1. What does the money go to? It goes to hosting fees, this blog, videos for youtube, and more. Thank you for reading!


  1. Monica

    Hi, i send you all my support and solidarity, lots of strength!! our blog is being translated to english , but i invite to visit it anyways already since there are some EN texts and images can sometimes talk for themselves… http://outofviolence.blogspot.be/ Thank you for visiting it and for your courage, Monica

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