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Traumas I Can Remember

Trigger warning on this. My entire blog is difficult and can trigger survivors of abuse. If you feel triggered, please do not continue to listen. Press stop, exit out of my blog and practice some good self care techniques.

Every time I say it out loud I feel stronger and more confident that I no longer have to hide what happened to me. It’s empowering for me. I’m still getting new memories but this is most of what I know so far.


  1. High Command

    I knew part of your experiences from following your twitter account. Even with that knowledge, hearing them listed like this honestly felt like a punch to the gut. Five minutes after finishing listening my stomach feels numb and I still have tears in my eyes. What depths of strength and courage you have to keep going, I can’t begin to imagine. As always, I wish you much love and support on your road to healing.

  2. Daniel Gledhill

    There are some sick people out there! Hearing that list made me angry.
    It just goes to show just how strong you really are, to go through all that and still be here, fighting, you are one strong amazing woman! I honestly can’t put into words the admiration I have for you. All I know is that you will beat cptsd of that I have no doubt, these monsters have destroyed your past, cptsd is holding your present, but you and your family are shaping your future, you will win this fight.
    Don’t let anyone ever silence you!

  3. Bill F

    I am so glad and proud to know how strong you are. You are stronger than me, that I know cuz I am so angry at those who did those things to you right now, I wanna hunt them down.

    No one should ever hurt a child like that.

    No one should ever abuse their wife, someone they supposedly committed their love to for life, like that.

    I, too, was bullied growing up, but can not imagine the bullying you described. That’s criminal.

    I am so angry.

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