Poll Results!

Poll Results for content on abuse survivor blog



I also wanted to let you know about the poll results from last week! 31 people voted(Thank you!) and here are the results below:

Poll Results for content on abuse survivor blog

My future plans include creating content with this poll in mind. About half of the votes were people wanting to continue to read my story and my healing journey. Awesome! I will definitely keep doing that. I will continue to create blog posts, audios, videos, and artwork including paintings, drawing, and sculpture. I know many of you have inquired about buying some of my artwork and I am willing to sell it to you. I had an online store being build but got hung up on a few details. I’m now ready to rebuild the online here with my new faster hosting. There will be links for you at the top of this page in the menu when it is ready for orders. I will be selling prints as well as the original works. Thank you for your patience! You can support this blog, my journey to heal from CPTSD and all my content here on my Patreon: Click here

I’ll also be creating blog posts, audios, videos, art, ect having to do with stress management, learning to love yourself and have more self compassion, and coping with anxiety. I know my story is helpful but I always feel like I can do more. Writing this blog has helped me in so many ways and sharing my story helps me feel less along. I am so grateful for everyone that helps to support me in this healing journey that I want to give more back. I am now in classes to become a meditation instructor. Once that is complete and I am certified, I will be holding online meditation groups to come relax and meditate. I will also be conducting webinars on the poll topics to share helpful information. More on this later but I do have the software now for private group meetings!

Here’s the video!


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