New Vlog Post October 15, 2018

Click here or on the pic above to go to my Patreon account and check out the new video! It’s about 10 minutes. More to come as I get more videos edited. I posted a new vlog this week. I’ve been filming nearly every day to track my progress through my healing journey. Becoming a Patron starts at just $3. I’m still working out how I’m going to be expanding my Patreon. I would love the feedback if you would like to share. Thank you!

Survivor Vlog October 1, 2018

New  PTSD video Diary Teaser You can watch the full pt 1 vlog on my Patreon Part 2 posts later this week. 🙂 Where else can you find me? Support my art, writings, survivor blog, youtube channel and more here: Social Media: –I’m most active and interactive here – My channel Blog and contact me: Link to information found in this video: I am not affiliated with this company but wanted to pass the info along to other survivors. Great information and they have…